April 47 Brand Management strives to propel client’s brands forward by offering custom, innovative, strategic, diverse and goal-oriented approaches to maximizing sales and realizing any brand’s full potential. Extensive market research and superior product knowledge are the foundation of our expertise within both Canadian and American markets.
We are passionate about brands we work with and we are always looking to partner with emerging brands to offer consulting services for brand and sales strategies, management, partnerships, marketing, logistics and more.
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White hangers

With a broad depth of consumer market knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of competitive retail environments, at April 47 we are able to advise brands on key elements related to building and positioning their image. Find out more


Are you ready to launch, partner and succeed? Then let us help you devise an effective sales strategy to attract your ideal target and partners. Find out more.

Our insights delve into consumer trends, behaviors and activities, giving brands inside track on how to engage with their target market. Find out more.

Through vision, passion, and experience, our team is able to assist you in using essential elements of your brand to create the most attractive lookbook and brand deck. Find out more


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