Brand Strategy

With a broad depth of consumer market knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of competitive retail environments, at April 47 we are able to advise brands on key elements related to building and positioning their image.


Audit and assessment of existing brand identity

Let us dive into your brand’s world and get to know the real you. Maybe we’ll find something you never knew was there!

Market research and competitive matrix analysis

Let's figure out where your brand sits within the current market; we also want to know who your competitors are in order to better assess your position here. 

Persona development

As a key component to the success of your product, your brand persona should narrow down the common needs of your consumers. Allow us to help you focus on them when planning the design of your product or the launch of your brand.

Brand perception

What will consumers experience with your brand once it's on the market? Let us help you learn and navigate all of the stages of a brand, from brand awareness to brand loyalty.


Refine your core brand identity

We’d love to help you curate what makes up your brand’s identity in order to magnify all of its amazing value.

Brand positioning

We can guide you in creating an ideal impression of your brand to transpire into the minds of your consumers. What makes your brand so desirable? Let’s show them!

Value proposition

What is attractive about your brand and your product? We can help you define your brand’s value and determine how it will be delivered and received by consumers.

Messaging architecture

Let us help you communicate your brand’s identity, by exploring different strategies and medias.

Brand guidelines

Let’s build a brand style guide together. We can help you determine and dictate the visual and commercial content of your brand.  

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