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Sales Strategy & Partnerships

Are you ready to launch, partner, and succeed?

Then let us help you devise an effective sales strategy to attract your ideal target and partners. 


Competitive pricing analysis

The lowest price isn’t always the best price. Let us show you how to price your products competitively and make them profitable in today’s market.

Identify and work with your brand adjacencies

What edge does your brand have over others that are comparable? Let’s be innovative and explore different markets in which your assets are unprecedented.

Budgets and contractual minimums

Identify your monthly, quarterly, and yearly budgets based on your account target list and sales expectations.


Zero-in on your target stores

Search, aim, and fire! We can help you identify the right targets for your brand and show you how to approach them.

Lead your negotiations with new partners

Sales agencies, Brand representatives on the road, Distributors, etc. :

You know your stuff better than anyone else; let us help you gather the necessary tools to run the show with your partners.

Taking on major department stores

Initial contact, Communication, etc. :

We’ve done this hundreds of times; let us give you some tips on how to do it successfully.

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