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Fashion Calendar: Buying, Selling & Delivery dates


The delivery cycles for fashion manufacturers and retailers are less than straightforward. The Buy, Sell and delivery dates differ among each sector for the market and within them as well. Retailers and designers often have their own particular calendar that deviates from the industry standard.

As a new store owner, designer or international brand trying to enter the US or Canadian fashion market, it is important to know the calendar of seasonal selling, delivery, and

shipping dates to retail stores. Below, we’ve put together a traditional calendar guideline used in the fashion industry for decades.


Typically, the women’s apparel market will feature 4 to 6 seasons in a year. In order to master the fashion calendar, you will need to know how those seasons break down.


For most brands, the menswear market is defined by only two seasons. However, in recent years, some manufacturers are now featuring seasonal lines that more closely parallel women’s fashion deliveries and selling periods. The two most common seasons for the menswear market are Spring and Fall.

Note: The below fashion calendar is a guideline of what most designers, retailers & buyers follow, not set rules.


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